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Campus Safety
At Utah State University Blanding, we take safety seriously. We care deeply about the well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We also recognize that the world can be a dangerous place and that it is important to be prepared. Whether you are thinking ahead, have a safety concern, or are dealing with an emergent situation, this site will help guide you to the assistance you need.

In Case of Emergency

Emergency Contacts and Code Blue emergency alert information.
Emergency Information

Campus Police

USU Blanding Campus utilizes the Blanding Police Department to serve and protect campus residents, students and employees. Additionally, Blanding Campus has a team of security offices to monitor safety during the evenings.

Fire Safety

Review the rules and regulations regarding fire safety on campus.
Fire Marshal


Parking on the Blanding Campus is FREE, however general parking rules and regulations must be followed.

Emergency Contact Information:


(435) 678-2334

After Hours
(435) 587-2237

Facilities Manager 
(435) 678-8153

(435) 678-8132