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Student Affairs

Student Affairs Our mission is to help each student to achieve success in their academic, living and learning environment. Our office will provide all available resources through Utah State University Eastern and other agencies to assist each student; victim, accused, student code violators and others to fulfill our mission.


  • Protect the learning and living environment at USU Eastern - Blanding Campus.
  • Facilitate students in learning responsible conduct.
  • Fairly resolve Student Code violations and grievances.
  • Foster and promote academic integrity.
  • Protect relevant rights and due process of students.
  • Develop and disseminate Student Code information.
  • Develop educational activities to inform students of the Student Code and to prevent violations.
  • With the aid of on-campus and off-campus organizations promote a holistic approach to student development, education, intellectual growth, communication skills, value clarification and enhanced self esteem.
  • Stay abreast of the latest developmental, educational, and legal matters in student conduct issues.

Governing Values

The values of the Office of Student Conduct provide a framework for an ideal living and learning environment at Utah State University. This office believes an institution of higher education should be governed by the following values:

  • Fairness in all of our dealings.
  • Learning academically, socially and ethically.
  • Integrity in all aspects of conduct. Inclusion.
  • Civility, the hallmark of a well-educated person.

Connect with Student Affairs

Jessica Roueche

Jessica Roueche

Title: Program Coordinator - Student Life
Office: Quad
Campus: Blanding
Phone: (435) 678-8225

Heather Young

Heather Young

Title: Director of Students
Office: Administration Building (AB)
Campus: Blanding
Phone: (435) 678-8128