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USUSA Blanding Officers 2018-19

Executive Vice President

NIzhoni WhitehorseNizhoni Whitehorse

Vice President

Caitlin LymanCaitlin Lyman


Activities Representative

Regina HolidayRegina Holiday

Campus Recreation Representative

Brianna LittlecrowBrianna Littlecrow


NASNTI Representative

Hunter WarrenHunter Warren


Service Representative

Carmen PhillipsCarmen Phillips


Operations Representative

Amalio De La FuenteAmalio De La Fuente


Non-Traditional Representative

Lisa RarickLisa Rarick


 Objectives of USUSA Blanding Student Council

  • To be an organized structure so that students' voices can be represented to the college administration, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • To provide further opportunities for holistic development for students through social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual activities.
  • To ensure student involvement in administrative and academic policymaking.
  • To ensure a voice in the allocation of student fees.
  • To ensure a voice in the approval of second tier tuition.